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Our goal is to restore and promote your health and alleviate your aches and pains.

Anamnesis and body analysis mark the beginning of fitness and health. In the first step, we create together a detailed anamnesis and do individual tests. We explain you the connections and show you the goal-leading way via our holistic approach. 


Imagine that the engine of your car suddenly makes strange noises. What are you doing? 

You drive your car to a specialist in the workshop. He will check your car and carry out various tests to find out the possible cause. On this basis, the specialist can inform you about the necessary measures and, in the next step, repair the damage sustainably. Simply turning off the red engine light would not fix your car´s engine.

Recognize and understand causes!


Pain relief

You´ve tried many things, but your discomfort remains?

We made the experience that in many cases only the symptom and not the cause of the pain is treated. The pain is relieved with various applications, but the ailment often returns and other symptoms appear. 

There are often disturbances in the cell-physiological processes that lead to inflammation of the tissue and trigger diseases and pain.

In addition, sedentary activities, one-sided burden and incorrect posture lead to shortening of the muscles.

A cause-related approach, individual applications and efficient movement patterns are used to restore the organism´s ability to function.

Let go of pain!

Metabolic regulation

You pay attention to your diet and move but you do not feel any change? 

A permanently unhealthy diet, stress and lack of exercise can throw your metabolism out of balance. A non-functioning cellular metabolism not only affects metabolic activity, but also impacts joints, bones, lymphatic system, muscles and fascia.

While short-term stresses in a healthy organism can be compensated before disturbances and ailments occur, a slipped metabolism leads to noticeable and visible changes. The consequences are fatigue, loss of energy, poor sleep, susceptibility to illness and infection, and an increase in weight and body fat. Thus, the metabolism is not only responsible for appearance and good digestion, but significantly determines your well-being and influences the personal health status.

In order to achieve the desired goal, it is often no longer sufficient to simply pay attention to nutrition and exercise. The essential basis is a healthy cell metabolism, which reactivates the body´s own regulatory mechanisms, whereby disturbances can be balanced. 

Metabolism get reactivated!


Mobility training

Too little exercise, prolonged sitting and poor posture affect the functionality of the musculoskeletal system in the long term. The body increasingly loses mobility and the consequences are physical limitations and pain.

Starting strength training in this situation is too early. Malpositions are trained even more, the ailments remain and the wear and tear continues. Only when the body is able to move and function again, muscles can be trained in their full movement and let you reach your goals through training.


With our mobility course, the entire body is trained in all the movement sequences of the biological system. Individual exercises, depending on the symptoms, lead step by step back to the usual functionality and mobility.

Feel mobility holistically! 


Health circuit

A targeted strength training with amplitudinal movement sequences unfold its full effect only after the restoration of the functional ability of the fasciae and the musculature.


Our health circuit with milon equipment offers an effective whole-body workout that is unsurpassed in simplicity, safety and effectiveness. Thanks to the chip card control, all devices automatically adjust to your individual body measurements and your training plan. No matter if metabolic training, muscle building or for the stabilization of restored abilities: the milon training in the health circle is based on sports science, tailor-made and efficient.


With its wide range and fine adjustability, our health circuit is suitable for everyone.

Training efficient and goal-oriented! 


Fasciae - Center

Fasciae are connective tissue. They encase the muscle fibers, fiber bundles as well as entire muscles and also embed organs.

Thanks to new research results, fascia can be treated and trained in a targeted manner. That can alleviate:

  • Joint pain

  • Spinal ailment

  • Muscle tension

  • Cramps

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Headaches

Posture improvement, pain reduction and improving body awareness are the goals of fascia training! 


Solarium - BEAUTEX

Sunlight is much more than just tan

VITAMIN  D3  - The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D acts via receptors and influences the synthesis of numerous proteins, enzymes and messenger substances.

  • Support of bone metabolism

  • Strengthening of the musculature

  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

  • Influence on nerves and brain

  • Positive influence on the psyche

  • Help with sleep problems

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Influence on the hormonal system

  • Control of genes

  • Cell division and cell cycle

The hybrid light technology stands for particularly soft and gentle tanning. This is made possible by combining sunlight with regenerating Beauty Light.

Applications are partially supported by statutory health insurance companies! 

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